Mister Sparky Satisfaction Guarantee

Mister Sparky maintains its reputation as a highly respected and trusted electrical repair service provider through unparalleled dedication to integrity and hard work. Mister Sparky’s Satisfaction Guarantee embodies these virtues.


Don’t Pay Unless You’re Happy

On every service call, you have the opportunity to express concern before you pay. An owner or manager will work diligently with you until you are satisfied. The best time to address a concern is right away – when you have made the time for our service and when we are there, equipped to make it right. See the complete terms of our satisfaction guarantee here.


Unlike other electrical repair companies, Mister Sparky values more than just expertise and field experience; this is reflected through our technicians’ conduct including :

  • punctuality and timeliness
  • quality customer care and consideration
  • cleanliness while working
  • diligence
  • professionalism


Mister Sparky completes each electrical project to the highest quality to provide effective, long-lasting solutions. If you are not satisfied with our work, don’t worry! Technicians arrive at the call request promptly in the easily-recognized “Big Red Truck”, stocked with thousands of electrical parts prepared for use so we can immediately resolve the issue.

Your happiness and confidence in our service are our number one priority. Trust Mister Sparky with your electrical repair needs. You’ll be satisfied; we guarantee it!



Code Inspection

We’re Here Whenever You Need Us
Nothing is more important than ensuring that your electrical work is done right. One of our services is inspecting your current electrical work.

We ensure everything is up to code and will properly function, giving you peace of mind. Whether your need a code inspection for a house you are thinking of buying, a house you just bought, to find electrical problems that may need to be addressed, or even if you just got work done; Mister Sparky is here to help.

Electrical Home Safety Survey

The Respect you Deserve
How do you know if your home’s electrical is safe? Our Mister Sparky technicians are trained to evaluate home electrical to give your home a safety rating. We will go through all the electrical in your home and give you a checklist of what is good, what is questionable, and what needs to be immediately addressed to give you peace of mind about the condition of your home.

Safety surveys are important, more so than you think. It is better to know before dastar strikes. Give us a call today!

Electrical Outlet

The Mister Sparky Standard
Everyone needs outlets; coincidentally, they are never where they need to be. If you need an outlet replacement or installation to move an outlet, relocate an outlet, or remove an outlet, call us today or book online.

We can come out and give you a quote for the work you need done. Our technicians will complete the job quickly, efficiently and cleanly guaranteed.