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The U.S. National Fire Protection Association (NFPA 70) published the National Electrical Code or “NEC” as a safeguard for property owners in relation to electrical practices. For property owners who wish to have their home inspected to determine if their electrical and wiring systems meet these criteria, our technicians offer code inspections. Our experts are trained to spot any possible items which may conflict with the National Electrical Code, state laws, and zoning regulations to keep you out of harms way.

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In the event that an area does not meet code guidelines, construction projects may be required to come to a halt until resolved. Don’t worry! Mister Sparky offers repair and electrical services to ensure that your property is up to standards so that you can get back to your life.

Avoid failures to comply with electrical codes by choosing Mister Sparky for your electrical needs. Mister Sparky operates with integrity to supply clients with services according to code standards to prevent future safety issues and complications.

On Time Guarantee

We’re Here Whenever You Need Us
“We’re on time you’ll see or your electrical repair is free”. We back our superior electrical service with not only integrity, transparency, and dependability, but also our On Time Guarantee. We understand your time is valuable which is why we guarantee we will be there when you call.

When you need expert electrician services in Houston or surrounding areas, just give us a call at (713) 428-2120 or click here to book your appointment online so we can send a Mister Sparky technician to help you as soon as possible.

Red Carpet Treatment

The Respect you Deserve
Our technicians understand the value of being neat and considerate while working in your personal space, which is reflected in how we leave your home after solving eletrical issues.

Mister Sparky protects your home while he’s working: he slips on shoe covers (“floor savers”) and will even go the extra mile and roll out a red carpet to protect your flooring from dirt, scuffing, and scratches. Work completed, he vacuums the area to ensure that he leaves your home as clean or cleaner, than he found it.

Starched White Shirt

The Mister Sparky Standard
Because of Mister Sparky’s commitment to excellent service, we believe in hiring only the most professional and knowledgeable Houston Electricians. This means that in addition to technical excellence, all Mister Sparky electricians must uphold our Starched White Shirt standard for conduct and professionalism.

You can easily recognize a Mister Sparky electrician by his clean-cut, freshly shaven appearance and his signature starched white shirt and gray pants.

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 7 reviews
by Evelyn E. on

I was surprised to get same day service.

by Vincent Veronica Jolivette on

Clean, Respectable, prompt, personable, thorough explaining plans. Thanks.

by Treadaway on

Great attitude. Very efficient.

by Wendy on

Great experience. Terrific technician.

by Deb Lawton DM on

I had the BEST electrician come to my home to address requests by the person purchasing my home. Mike took care of each of the concerns in a professional manner. He made sure the work was done correctly and followed the code requirements under the 2013 specifications. He was patient when the work had to be delayed. But he came back several days later and finished the job with the same smile on his face! Great company and great service all around.

by Vicki Lee on

Mister Sparky – A review

In need of electrical work, I called Mister Sparky which I had found favorably recommended in two

local consumer report publications. What I first noticed about Mister Sparky is the courtesy of the

entire staff - starting with the pleasant lady who answered the phone. I was told that Matthew would

visit that afternoon. He arrived at the appointed time and assured us that the desired work could be

performed. He also conducted an inspection and recommended upgrades which would bring the

house up to current electrical codes. On the specified day, Matthew and Mike (another electrician) were

punctual. They were polite as well as competent and completed all the preliminary work the first day.

The following day required power shut-off for several hours. The power was turned back on with

new circuitry that meets current codes. One last day was spent buttoning everything up at which time

it was noted that one task was not completed. Matthew did return in a timely manner and

cheerfully finished the job. A glitch in the billing was promptly handled. I am impressed by the work that

was done in our home and am equally impressed by the way the Mister Sparky is committed to making

everything right to the customer’s satisfaction. The electricians who did the work know what they are

doing and they are good guys. The staff in the office made sure that we were happy.

I heartily recommend Mister Sparky and would call Mister Sparky again for any further electrical work.

by John L. Niven on

We are selling our home and our first buyers home inspector highlighted and list of "not to code" items. Well it is 27 years old! Mr. Sparky (Rick) came out that evening and interpreted the list, told us what we need, and gave us a quote. The work was done over the next two weeks (we had to wait for some parts). Unfortunately the first buyer pulled out, but our second buyers house inspector did not find any problem with the electrics! So our sale proceeds. Thanks Rick.