Welcome to Mister Sparky, your trusted electrical repair experts in Katy, TX, and surrounding areas. We offer a complete menu of electrical repair services to keep your family safe and comfortable.

Our skilled electricians have completed rigorous training and electrical education to provide you with the highest standards of electrical services.

At Mister Sparky, we put you first. We understand your time is valuable, so we will never keep you waiting past your scheduled appointment time.

Your Local Home Electrician

Our experienced electricians only service homes—they are experts at keeping families and their homes safe!

Whether you are looking for a company to install a ceiling fan, add an electrical outlet, or upgrade the power in your home, Mister Sparky can help. We bring plenty of experience to every job, along with the right equipment and great pricing.

We are a family-owned-and-operated business here in Greater Houston, TX, proud to help homeowners with all their electrical services. Need a local company to install your electric vehicle (EV) charger? Are you buying a new home and want a home electrical inspection? Call Mister Sparky!

Katy, TX, Electrical Repairs

Mister Sparky is ready to help no matter what repair you need. Our electrical repair services include:

  • Get a Free Quote for Electrical Panel Repair or Replacement: Mister Sparky can repair or replace your electrical panel. Are you adding an electrical vehicle charger? You may need more power.
  • Schedule an Aluminum Wiring Inspection: Does your older home have aluminum wiring? Schedule an electrical inspection to ensure it is properly installed.
  • Protect Your Property With a 20-Point Home Electrical Inspection: Home inspections offer peace of mind, knowing your residential property is safe. Schedule one today.
  • Address Dangerous Issues With a Home Electrical Safety Survey: An electrical survey includes wiring, lighting, smoke alarms, and more.
  • Protect Your Home From Power Surge: Install a whole-home surge protector to guard against unexpected power surges.
  • Schedule Electrical Outlet Repair or Replacement: You can trust Mister Sparky to help with an electrical outlet repair.
  • Keep Your Family Safe With Ground Fault Receptacles: GFCI protection is now required in nearly all 125-volt through 250-volt receptacles.
  • We Repair and Install Overhead Wires: Our licensed electricians are here to help, whether your home requires overhead wires or underground electrical installation.
  • We Offer Underground Electrical Installation and Repair: We can help you determine the required voltage and the proper locations for the best service.

Can I Fix This Electrical Problem Myself?

Electrical work can be intimidating—and dangerous. Be sure you are comfortable working around electricity before tackling a DIY project. Otherwise, call our expert electricians at Mister Sparky for professional guidance.

What Are Some Signs of a Bad Electrical System?

Safety is paramount—we want you to know about potential dangers lurking within their wiring. Buzzing outlets, dimming lights, or burning smells are warning signs that your Katy, TX, home needs professional electrical repair.

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