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Electrical Installation and Repair: The Cost of Doing it Yourself

With the country recovering from a recession, it makes sense to strive to save money whenever possible. So when it’s time to install or repair something, the do-it-yourself (DIY) route may seem appealing. However, for the amateur electrician, DIY electrical projects come with certain risk factors.

Risks of DIY electrical projects:

  • Electrocution: Electric shock is still a leading cause of death for construction workers. Even with the appropriate equipment and training, electrocution is a very real possibility. For DIYers without the proper equipment or training, the risk of death by electric shock increases dramatically. 
  • Electrical Fires: Home electrical fires account for an estimate of 51,000 fires each year, causing 500 deaths, more than 1,400 injuries, and $1.3 billion in property damage. One small oversight is all it takes for an electrical failure to cause everything to go up in smoke. To make matters worse, homeowners insurance policies sometimes will not cover damages indirectly caused by a DIY electrical project
  • Mistakes: If you find that you were not able to do the work yourself, you risk making the problem worse and spending more to fix it that you would have originally. If you are able to accomplish it, it may still come up in an inspection when you’re trying to sell your home, in which case you would have to pay to have the job redone.

If you’re still set on attempting your DIY electrical project, there are ways to make the process safer.

Basic DIY Electrical Help

  • Have the time and patience to plan out your materials in advance and give yourself ample time to complete a project so that you aren’t feeling rushed. 
  • Learn as much as you can about your home’s electrical system and the project you are going to undertake. Be honest with yourself if the project may be above your skill level, and call a professional.
  • Be sure to shut off the power on your circuit breaker panel before working on any wires. Inform others around the house of what you’re doing so that there’s no danger of anyone turning it back on while you’re working.
  • If your work requires a ladder, opt for one made from a non-conductive material such as fiberglass, and stay away from aluminum.
  • Always wear shoes, preferably rubber-soled ones.
  • Avoid working in damp or wet places.
  • When working with fuses, always grab them with one hand only so that you will not create a circuit, allowing electricity to pass through your heart.

In the end, while DIY electrical work may be worth it for some, the costs generally outweigh the benefits. You’ll risk spending more time and money, and endanger your home, yourself and your family in the process.

Mister Sparky electricians are experienced and highly-qualified to meet all of your electrical needs from installations to repairs to upgrades. Our electricians will always show up within the scheduled appointment time, or your repair is free. Why risk your safety when prompt, affordable, expert service is just a phone call away?

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Home Surge Protection

Safety Is Our Priority
Home surge protection is vital to the safety of your home. Homes with surge protection save you money if things go wrong. Our electrician installs both surge protectors for individual outlets as well as whole home surge protection for overarching protection for your home.

Our technicians can help you protect your home and your appliances, and save you money in the long term. Call or book online today and we can help put your mind at ease.

Emergency Electrician

We Are There When You Need Us
The most unfortunate part about emergencies is you never know when an emergency will happen. Our 24/7 Electrician service is equipped and ready to handle any residential electrical issue. Regardless of the urgency we have technicians ready to help you get back to normal.

Regardless of the time of day, night, or issue you are having mister sparky has experience swiftly taking care of the issue. Some of the top electrical emergencies are loss of power, electrical panel sparking, outlet sparking, a surge in your home, and many more.

Electrical Repair

Repair Before you Replace
Not all electrical problems require electrical replacement or electrical installation services. Our Houston electricians will look into repairing most jobs before resorting to replacements.

We try to save our costumes money when we can, but that does not come at the sacrifice of quality and safety. If you are interested in receiving a quote for your electrical repair, book online or give us a call.