Why is my garage door light not working?

We get a lot of questions concerning the home’s garage door. One concern we get often is, “My garage light won’t work – should I call an electrician?” An electrician can fix this problem but before calling an electrician, you might want to try to replace the light socket. If your light bulb is good and does not work when connected to your garage door opener, you might have a bad light socket and you will need to replace it. A replacement light socket will cost about $15 at your local hardware store.

How to fix my garage light socket

First, you will need to remove the circuit board to get at it. Next, you will have to pop out the old socket. You can do this by depressing the clip that holds the socket in place. Then, you will need to remove the two wire connections and install the new socket.

Before replacing the socket, double check that your new light bulb is of the correct wattage. Using a light bulb with a higher wattage than what the socket is rated for will cause a socket to fail. This is very dangerous as it can be a fire hazard. A good indicator of usage of the wrong bulb is that your light cover will turn yellow from the heat.