I know it’s summer time, but why is my house so hot?

If you’re living in Dallas or surrounding Texas cities, you’re familiar with how stuffy a home can get during these hot, humid summers. But is there anything you can do to keep them a little cooler that does not involve cranking up the air conditioning?

Little tweaks, big difference

Believe it or not, there are cool opportunities all around the house to keep you and your family from melting this hot season. Some quick fixes that’ll conserve the cooler air in your home are:

  • Sealing shut any door or window cracks.
  • Angling window blinds upward.
  • Replace your light-bulbs with energy efficient ones.
  • Use your kitchen wisely; try preparing cooler meals such as salads and cold pastas to avoid over-using the stove which heats up the house.

It’s the time of the warmer season, and even though the inside of your house will tend to reflect how it feels outside, there are indeed little shortcuts around it. For any of your summer electrical mishaps, call a trusted licensed electrician to troubleshoot the problem and help keep your summer relaxing and problem-free.