When the power goes out, what type of generator works best for your Katy, TX, home?

Power outages occur more frequently in Texas because of our weather patterns. According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA), Texas is one of the leading states in the nation for power outages.

Protect your loved ones and property with a backup power supply. Our licensed electricians at Mister Sparky install and repair portable generators for homeowners in Katy, TX, and all the surrounding communities.

Types of Home Generators

Homeowners use two primary methods for backup power: standby generators and portable generators.

  • Standby generators start up automatically during a power outage. They can supply power for most, if not all, of your home’s needs. The investment is greater, both in upfront costs and ongoing maintenance, but so are the benefits.
  • Portable generators are smaller, more versatile generators mainly used for camping, tailgating, and outdoor parties. They can also power your home in an emergency.

While losing power to your home is no party, a portable generator properly connected to your home’s breaker box can temporarily power your essentials and some minor comforts until things return to normal.

How Much Does it Cost to Install a Portable Generator?

Depending on the generator you choose, expect to invest about $2,500 for both your supplies and electrical installation. The investment is still not cheap, but a portable generator costs far less than investing in a standby generator.

Which Portable Generator Is Right for My Katy, TX, Home?

While we do not endorse a particular brand, we recommend purchasing a generator that can create enough power to meet your goals.

In the world of generators, this is discussed in watts. We recommend you purchase a generator that can provide as many watts as possible to your home.

It is also imperative to consider the connections available on the generator. At a minimum, you need a 30-amp 120V/240V outlet. Ideally, go for one with a larger 50-amp outlet.

How Many Watts Do I Need for Backup Power in My Home?

Let’s start with the maximum-size portable generator you can likely hook up to your home’s breaker box and work our way backward.

The largest inlet box and breaker for a portable generator is 50 amps, which equates to 12,000 max watts. If you can purchase a generator this large, it will provide the most flexibility and ease while supplying backup power to your home.

The other important consideration is how many watts you’ll need, at a minimum, from your portable generator at any given time. If too many things are turned on at once, you can overload your generator and cause damage.

Utilize a wattage worksheet to plan the total wattage of all the electrical devices you’ll have connected at one time. Here are some you can use:

Installing Your Electrical Inlet Box

To use a portable generator to power your home’s electrical circuits in case of an outage, you will need to have one of our qualified electricians install an inlet box that connects to your home’s electrical breaker box.

Your generator cord will plug into the portable generator at one end and into the inlet box at the other end.

Running Your AC Unit With a Portable Generator

One primary reason for a portable generator in Texas is to run your air conditioning. Of course, this is often the largest draw on the generator’s power.

First, you will need to know how much power your AC uses.

British thermal units (BTUs) measure how much energy your AC uses within an hour to remove heat from your home. Knowing your air conditioner’s “BTU value” is essential to estimate the starting wattage. Find the model number on your outdoor AC unit nameplate and search the model number on the internet to find its BTUs.

The age and condition of your AC will also impact how much power it needs to start up. You can also consider adding an AC soft start kit that reduces the power draw necessary to start up.

Maintaining Your Portable Generator

You should also consider learning about the maintenance your portable generator needs to stay in top condition when you need it. You may want to use it for projects or camping to keep the components moving. After using it, keep it running until the gas is fully used and out of the motor.

Learn More About Portable Generators

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