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Your home’s electrical service can be installed in one of two ways: overhead or underground.

Overhead Versus Underground Wiring

With an overhead electrical installation, an electrical wire is attached to a pole that connects to the service attachment on your house.

In an underground electrical installation, an underground service cable is used instead.

Your Mister Sparky electrical wiring expert can go over the pros and cons of overhead and underground wiring to determine which system is best for your Katy, TX, home.

Here are other factors to consider with your overhead or underground electrical system:

  • If the service will be rated 100, 200, or 320 amps
  • The required voltage
  • The preferred location of the new meter fitting
  • Whether the existing service will need to be relocated

Houston Overhead Home Wire Repair

As your friendly neighborhood electrical company, our Houston electricians know the sight of tangled overhead wires can send shivers down the spine!

Fortunately, Mister Sparky specializes in installing and repairing overhead electrical wires.

Overhead wires play a vital role in your home’s electrical service, but Texas weather and time can take their toll.

Broken lines, sagging poles, or buzzing transformers are all red flags that repairs are needed.

At Mister Sparky, we are equipped with the knowledge, tools, and safety gear to tackle any overhead issue. We will work closely with your utility company to ensure a smooth process, minimizing disruptions to your power.

Whether it is splicing frayed lines, replacing worn insulators, or even coordinating pole replacements, we have the experience to handle it. Whenever you spot any problems with your wiring or service, don’t hesitate to call us. We will keep your lights shining bright, rain or shine!

Houston Underground Wiring Installation

Underground wiring guards against the weather and adds market value to your Katy, TX, property, eliminating overhead cables and reducing tripping hazards. You can count on Mister Sparky to expertly manage the entire installation process.

We will coordinate planning and permits, and notify the utility companies before any trenching begins. Our licensed electricians will choose the right cable and wiring to ensure the entire project is done correctly and safely.

Which Is More Expensive, Overhead or Underground Wiring?

Underground wiring typically comes with a higher price tag compared to overhead wiring, but you enjoy more benefits when you bury your wiring.

  • Underground wiring is less susceptible to any Katy, TX, extreme weather conditions, leading to lower repair and maintenance costs.
  • The wiring avoids damage from squirrels and other pests.
  • Underground wiring means your home has less clutter and more curb appeal.

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