How can I make my light bulbs last longer?

Light bulbs obviously aren’t meant to last forever, but they should definitely have a decent lifespan, not a disappointing one. The electricians at Mister Sparky Dallas are here to give you a few tips to get the most out of your incandescent and LED light bulbs.

Light dimmers have become a popular solution for expanding the lives of incandescent bulbs. When you switch your lights “ON” and “OFF”, unbeknownst to many of us, the lights rapidly become hot which over time, burns them out quicker. The simple action of dimming instead of switching keeps them cooler, allows you to control how bright they are, and stretches their life a bit.

Buy “top shelf” bulbs
No, we are not trying to sell you on more expensive light bulbs but the fact of the matter is, cheaper bulbs are built with cheaper material. This applies specifically to LED bulbs. We highly recommend you take a few minutes to look at the packages they come in, and not so much the price (which we are all guilty of).

We hope these tips help make your light bulbs last longer and remember, for any of your summer electrical issues, call an experienced electrician to fix the problem and keep your summer stress-free!