Can hot weather cause power outages?

So the short answer this time is once again, yes. Power outages are actually more common during warmer seasons because energy demand and outdoor temperatures are so high. Because Texas is currently in a drought and experiencing hot, humid weather, this may be a great time to practice ways to try and avoid a power outage at your home.

What to do during a power outage

  • Turn off all appliances such as TV’s and computers that don’t need to be on when the power returns (keeping them all on can result in a power surge when the electricity comes back on).
  • Stay stocked up on water and ensure you are keeping you and your family hydrated during an outage, especially during the summer.
  • Stay away from power lines, electrocution is a serious injury.
  • Keep survival essentials in an easy-to-find area of your home such as flashlights, candles, batteries, canned food, water, etc.

Here are some of Mister Sparky’s interesting energy saving tips that may help you cut your electricity use and spare an outage from occurring in your community this summer!