What if my doorbell doesn’t work?

I have gotten a lot of questions about what to do if a doorbell doesn’t work, and how to troubleshoot the issue. One question I get a lot is, “Can an electrician fix my doorbell?” Of course, calling an electrician will fix your doorbell. But, there is an easy, fast and safe way to troubleshoot the problem yourself.

Most of the time, your doorbell does not work due to issues with with doorbell button on the outside. This can be because of weather issues or the bell can just be worn out.

How to fix my doorbell

In order to pinpoint the problem, you can test each component with a multimeter (an inexpensive device sold at hardware stores). Although it is not necessary to turn off the main power when you are troubleshooting the issue, it can make the situation more safe.

If the multimeter does not indicate an issue, you might need to change out the batteries. Although doorbell wiring is not normally the problem when a doorbell does not work, if the multimeter test fails then it may be a wiring issue.

If you suspect that the issue is doorbell wiring, we recommend either purchasing a wireless doorbell, or fix the problem by calling a trusted electrician to rewire your doorbell.