Your Quality Woodlands Electrician

Whether you’re adding a new plug or remodeling your home, we will take care of your electrical needs from start to finish.

Mister Sparky’s certified electricians are in The Woodlands, TX! Our quality electrical repairs are the best in the area, trusted by many customers who are happy to have some of the best electricians working in their home or office.

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Electrical Service Repair Available 24/7

Our electrical technicians are waiting for your call 24/7 to schedule an appointment with any of our electricians if you’re in the middle of an electrical emergency. Don’t hesitate to contact us day or night, Mister Sparky will be there!

Book an appointment online or contact Mister Sparky today for the best electrical repairs in The Woodlands, TX at 281-907-8418.

Electrician On-Time Guarantee

The Woodlands electricians with Mister Sparky are ready at your convenience. Customer satisfaction is essential to what we as a company stand for. That’s why all of our electricians are on time, or your electrical repair is free. Mister Sparky’s On-Time Guarantee ensures we stay your dependable electrician of choice.

Unmatched Customer Service

No other electrical repair service will make such an effort to be sure you are well taken care of. Mister Sparky’s Satisfaction Guarantee means if an electrical repair was done below your standards, we will happily repair it for free. We do anything to keep our customers happy and to meet the best standards out there.

How many electricians have tacked on an extra fee at the end of your bill? With Mister Sparky, you don’t have to worry about that! Our electricians are completely transparent with any extra charges, and we get your approval before we make any changes, so you don’t get any surprises on your bill.