Troubleshooting 3 Common Home Electrical Problems

Many of the electrical issues you face in your home today are the same that plague many other homeowners. Here’s a quick guide on troubleshooting what may cause some of these electrical problems and what you can do to fix them.

Lights Problems

Flickering or Dimming Lights- While flickering lights could be a simply loos bulb, it could also be a much more serious issue like a poor connection along the circuit or faulty wiring. Both will need the inspection of an electrician to determine that your lights flickering aren’t posing an immediate danger to your home.

Light bulbs Burning Out Frequently- You may just want to attribute this to overusing your lights, however this could also be a sign of a poor connection. Pay attention to recessed lighting especially- these lights often “cutout” or shut off to keep the light from overheating and prevent a fire hazard. Check the bulb wattage and have an electrician inspect the ceiling insulation isn’t too close to the light.

Issues with Outlets

Dead Outlets- Your breaker maybe tripping to prevent excess energy usage and causing your outlets to temporarily not function, however it could also be loose wiring behind the walls or internal damage to the outlet that prevents it from functioning properly. Have a properly trained electrician inspect the wiring and connections behind your outlets.

Loose Outlet Plugs- This could mean that the contacts in the outlet are no longer gripping plug prongs securely. These loose contacts may cause electrical arcing due to heat and energy emissions from the outlet wiring posing major fire threats. Contact an electrician to replace outlets that have worn or become damaged.

Switch Issues

Warm switches- Outside of a dimmer switch, your average wall light switch should not be warm to the touch. If it is, you could have faulty wire connections, a faulty switch, or it could mean your electrical circuit is overloaded. An electrician will be able to pinpoint what exactly the issue is, and help move lights or electrical devices to other circuits if need be.

Dead switches- Light switches that are no longer working could mean that wiring behind the walls has become loose or that the switch itself has become faulty or damaged. Don’t attempt to replace or inspect this yourself at the risk of hurting yourself or others. Hire an electrician to determine whether you need to replace the switch or investigate the wiring more.

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