Electrical Safety for Kids: National Electrical Safety Month

How to Teach Your Kids About Electrical Safety

It’s May. The weather is warming up. The school year is ending. And kids are going to be home much longer than usual.
For a parent, it’s great to have your kids back for the summer. But this time can present some hazards for your little ones, and that is why electrical safety for kids is so important. May is also National Electrical Safety Month in Houston and the US. Here at Mister Sparky Houston, we understand how to operate and be near electrical outlets and breakers safely. But do your kids? Unless they’re an electrician prodigy (in which case, we might have a job for them), they can’t tell the difference between an exposed wire and a spaghetti noodle. We’ve identified a few tips for parents to keep their children safe from electricity hazards this summer.



What is National Electrical Safety Month?

National Electrical Safety Month (NESM) aims to promote electrical safety rules in the home, school, and workplace. The goal of NESM is to educate individuals on electrical safety to help reduce fires, injuries, and fatalities. Mister Sparky Houston takes part in NESM by educating our customers on how to protect their families from electrical dangers best.

Why is electrical safety for kids important?

Electrical components pose serious risks that may be life-threatening. Electric shocks and arc flashes can cause serious bodily harm like burns, nerve damage, blindness, hearing loss, and in extreme cases, death. Understanding electrical safety for kids may save you or a loved one’s life.

Electrical Safety Tips for Kids in HoustonMister Sparky Electrical Safety for Kids in Houston

TRAIN THEM! You don’t want your kids reaching into electrical sockets. But under supervision, let them roam around. If they drift near an electrical socket, particularly with their hand, sternly let them know it’s wrong and redirect them away. You may have to do this a few times to get the message across. EDUCATE THEM! If you have an older child, they’ll begin to understand the severity of electrical hazards. Educate them on how the components work and what can happen if improperly used or tampered with.

Teaching children to call 911 should an electrical emergency occur is also helpful. Should they be alone, or if the person with them becomes unconscious due to an electrical shock, they’ll need to know how to get help. Beyond electrical emergencies, knowing how to call 911 is a valuable skill for all kids to learn.

How To Childproof Your Houston Home for Electrical Safety

Childproofing your home is an added step to ensuring your children’s safety around electrical components.

Plastic Inserts!

Plastic inserts are an effective way to enclose outlets. They can prevent children from putting their hands near the outlet or inserting foreign objects. While you should train your children to be wary of outlets, a plastic insert adds a layer of protection.
Pieces of furniture, like chairs and cabinets, are also great for covering up outlets that you never use.

Secure your Electrical Cords and Plugs!

Constantly pulling or prying at electrical cords can expose the metal insides, which may carry an electrical charge.
Secure your cords to the wall with tape to prevent your child from pulling on them.

Hide Devices!

Much like how you’d keep cleaning chemicals locked away under your sink, store electronic devices the same way.
Hairdryers and kitchen appliances should especially be out of reach for children.

How To Know If Your Houston Home Is Electrically Safe

Mister Sparky Houston is committed to keeping our customers safe and happy. Part of that is taking electrical safety measures when we visit your home, including:

  • Examining your wiring – We’ll keep an eye out for frayed or exposed wires and see if nearby power lines are up to code.
  • Upgrading your circuit box – An old circuit box is more susceptible to surges and outages.
  • Examining all critical electrical components prone to failure – Have you ever noticed how your phone charger sometimes falls out of an outlet? This annoyance can be extremely dangerous to you. Your charger prongs can partially slide out of the socket and still be connected to the electrical substation power grid.
  • Installing GFCIs

What is GFCI?

A GFCI, or ground fault circuit interrupter, is an outlet that quickly disperses an electrical current with leakage into the ground. In essence, it helps to protect you from electrical shock. GFCIs are primarily seen in bathrooms or kitchens where water is consistently present, but you can have them installed in all areas of your home.

In conclusion…

This month, take some time to sit down with your kids and teach them how to be safe around electrical components this summer. If you want an expert to see how your home stacks up against the latest safety guidelines, call Mister Sparky Houston today, and we’ll send a licensed professional in no time.


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Electrical Safety Tips for Kids: National Electrical Safety Month - 13 Electrical Safety Tips For Kids

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