Why is My Doorbell Not Working?

Why is My Doorbell Not Working?

Some homeowners like to hear a bell choir whenever their front doorbell rings. Others want to listen to a familiar, lighthearted tune when someone is at their door. What homeowners don’t like is when they push the doorbell only to hear the sound of silence. Why is the doorbell not working? Check out some common issues that can cause a doorbell to remain silent when pressing its button.

The Button Won’t Depress CompletelyOften times your doorbell not working because it wont press completely says Mister Sparky Electrician Houston.

One reason for a non-working doorbell is the button is not going down all the way when someone presses it. Sometimes spiders or other insects find their way inside a doorbell and build a nest just behind the button. The den can prevent the button from going down all the way, and the doorbell not working. Nests or other debris need to be thoroughly cleaned out of a doorbell casing so the button will go down all the way. A professional electrician can adjust the position of a doorbell making it difficult for insects to get behind it to build a nest.

The Button is Damaged or Worn Out

The button or bar on a doorbell can become worn out due to changing weather conditions and usage throughout the years. For instance, pieces of a plastic doorbell can crack or even break off. When a doorbell is not in one solid piece, it can malfunction and not trigger a sound inside the home. When a doorbell wears out and becomes damaged, it’s necessary to have a new one installed. A professional electrician can recommend a durable, attractive doorbell and install it properly for a homeowner. Having a quality doorbell chosen by an electrician who is familiar with a variety of brands can help you avoid a doorbell not working in the future.

The Wiring is Damaged

The wiring contained behind the casing of a doorbell can become damaged over the years, which can result in a doorbell not working. If the wires detach or tear apart, the signal won’t send inside the home to the chime box. In short, no sound will come out because the connection is not intact. This breakage can be caused by mice or insects that get at the wiring of a doorbell and chew it. Some rodents and insects can chew wires in half reasonably quickly. Also, an object hitting the wall near the doorbell can knock wiring loose, causing a disconnection. The installation must be intact and appropriately connected so the signal can travel into a home, causing the bell to ring.

An Issue with the Chime BoxA failing chime box is a common solution to the doorbell not working tells Mister Sparky Electrician Houston.

The chime box resides on the inside of a home. Often it’s somewhere near the front door such as in an entryway or even in a closet. A chime box has a decorative casing that relaeses to see the workings of the doorbell beneath it. Damage to the wiring inside the chime box can result in a doorbell that malfunctions. Even loose wiring can result in a doorbell not working. Dust and debris can gather on the wiring inside a chime box and cause issues as well. All wiring must be in good condition and solidly in place, so the connection experiences no interruptions upon activation outside the door.

A Malfunctioning Transformer

The transformer is located in the chime box and is sometimes the cause of a doorbell not working. If the voltage traveling into the transformer isn’t correct, it means the transformer is the issue. Sometimes the problem can be fixed with a repair or two instead of replacing the transformer. An experienced electrician will be able to determine if a transformer can be fixed or needs a whole new system for the doorbell to perform as it should.

Improper Installation

Some homeowners try to replace an old doorbell or install a new one from scratch.
Unfortunately, they may find that the doorbell doesn’t work correctly after all of their efforts. This task is best left to an expert electrician who is familiar with the wiring of a doorbell. Besides, though most doorbells operate on low voltage, it is risky for a non-electrician to repair or install a doorbell.

Lastly, when there’s a doorbell not working, it’s best to call in a professional electrician from Mister Sparky to check it out. An experienced electrician can diagnose the issue and get it fixed properly so that the doorbell will ring every time. A qualified electrician can also install a new doorbell in a safe, effective way. Contact Mister Sparky today and find a qualified, reliable electrician who can help you solve any issues you’re having with your doorbell.

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