Who should I call for an AC repair?

If your AC seems to have stopped working, there are ways to troubleshoot the problem yourself in order to assess if professional help is needed. But if you do need an AC repair, find out who to call, the AC repairman or electrician, based on what the problem is.

AC Electrical Problems

DIY Troubleshooting

  • Make sure it’s set to cool
  • Make sure it’s plugged in
  • Reset your circuit breaker

Call an Electrician

  • AC won’t turn on – This is a sign electrical wiring may need to be replaced.
  • AC burning smell – This is a sign of faulty wiring which can cause an electrical fire; call an emergency electrician immediately.

Call an AC repairman

  • AC not cooling the house or cooling house unevenly -This signifies a problem with your AC unit. If you believe it may still be under warranty, call the AC unit company. Otherwise, contact an AC repairman.