Electrical Wiring: Underground or Overhead?

There are advantages and disadvantages to both overhead and underground wiring. The trick to determining which one is safer depends on which electrical wiring option works best for your situation.

Underground Wiring

Underground wiring has the advantage of being a cleaner look to your yard because there is not any visible wiring. If you have a wooded yard, underground wiring eliminates the possibility of a large tree falling in a storm and knocking out your power.

Overhead Wiring

The main advantage of overhead wiring is that is is cheaper. It uses triplex aluminum which is cost efficient and less time consuming than underground wiring. You save about $1.50 per foot when you chose overhead wiring versus underground.

Electricity safety hazards

Both electricity sources have safety hazards. If you have overhead wires, you have to be beware of tall trucks, falling tress and farm implements. Underground wiring can be dangerous when you are digging with a metal shovel. It is important to remember to call a trusted underground marking company before you begin digging.