Is Aluminum Wiring safe?

The National Electrical Code has permitted the use of aluminum wiring since 1901, a mere four years after the first recognized national electrical code was published in 1897.

However, there can be safety hazards in an home wired in aluminum especially in older homes. Many homes wired over 30 years ago with aluminum pose a multitude of fire and safety issues that most homeowners may not be aware of. What to look for and what can be done if your aluminum wiring is a probable safety and fire hazard.

Aluminum is a softer metal and it expands and contracts at different rates then the other metals such as copper used in wiring. The electric current will change the temperature of the wire, causing joints to loosen and compromise the connection. When the connection is compromised, this can lead to igniting a fire.

Aluminum wire should not be connected with push-in terminals, which is an extremely dangerous connection. Every connection should be checked for any sign of melting, burnt or darkened areas. Contact your Mister Sparky electrician to verify the safety of your aluminum wired home.