Why does the GFCI outlet not reset?

GFI and GFCI both stand for “Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter” and are used interchangeably. The GFI outlets are the one’s with the test and reset buttons. They are usually found in area’s that have the greatest shock hazards, such as the bathrooms and kitchen.

How does a GFCI outlet work?

The GFI outlet works by sensing leaks in the electrical current and shutting off power to protect people from deadly electrical shocks. When the outlet shuts the power off, this is also known as tripping. When your GFI outlet trips, it may turn back on by pressing the ‘reset’ button.

There may be times when you press the ‘reset’ button and the outlet continues to not work. There are a few reasons this may happen. One reason is there may be no power to the GFI or it may just be a bad GFI. You also could have a problem with incorrect wiring of GFI. You can call your local Mister Sparky Electrician to safely help figure out what needs to be corrected.

One thing to watch out for is the GFI reset button trips each time you press it. This can signify a dangerous current leak somewhere on the circuit.

For more info and troubleshooting information, you can find out more by clicking to this website. Also, feel free to call your local Mister Sparky electrician to answer any and all your questions.