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Here are the most important things to know before we arrive…

From your own device, you can review estimates, approve work, and complete payment at a safe distance while we are at your home.

We are also taking the following common-sense measures to protect our community:

  • Practice standard hygiene.
  • Wear a mask, gloves, and shoe covers while at your home.
  • Dispatch from technicians’ homes, rather than congregating at the office.

The Company prides itself on respecting your home and we try to leave your home in the same or better condition than it was prior to the service call.  Our electricians are trained to wear floor savers and to clean the area where the work was performed. While we make every reasonable attempt to respect your home, because of the nature of electrical repairs, the Company cannot be responsible for any drywall, paint, trim, cosmetic or other damage caused by gaining access to, inspecting, diagnosing or repairing the electrical problems.  For example, our electricians may need to access the attic to determine the nature of the electrical problem. Sometimes, simply accessing the attic by walking on the ceiling joist will crack the drywall on the ceiling.  As a term and condition of service, the Customer releases Company from any such damages caused during the work performed by Company and the Customer further understands that they may need drywall, paint, cosmetic or other repair work to return the home to normal after the electrical repair is made and that such work is not the responsibility of Company. Furthermore, the Company is not responsible for, and assumes no liability for, any loss, damage or expense caused by any debris, such as wire trimmings, that are accidentally left behind and ingested by animals or persons. Under no circumstances will the Company be responsible for any damages if the Company has not performed electrical repairs for the Customer.  The Company is also not responsible for any pre-existing defective condition in the home or the electrical circuit. For example, to perform electrical repairs, breakers may need to be shut off.  Often, with older breakers, after the repair is completed, these breakers may not reset and may need to be replaced.  This is one example of a pre-existing condition or defect in a part that needs to be replaced because of age and wear and not because of anything done by the electrician.  


The Company is not responsible for any repairs, installation, removal or replacement of non-service items that were damaged or altered to perform the electrical repair or gain access to perform the electrical repair, including but not limited to concrete, paving, asphalt slabs, sidewalks, driveways, patios, pools, trees, shrubbery, grass lawns, underground-sprinklers, plumbing, gas lines, fences, electrical wiring and fixtures, painting, decorations, plastering, sheetrock and other wall coverings, glass, carpentry, millwork, cabinets, floors, carpeting, floor surfaces and preparation, siding, stucco, roofing, flashing, sheet metal, gutters, downspouts, brick, stonework, extension walls, steel and other framework. Additionally, the company is not responsible for the fit and finish of any appliances and equipment that is connected to the electrical system.  The company is not responsible for any type of measuring relating to anything connecting to the electrical system.

The Company’s electricians are our full-time employees and we have made a significant investment in our electricians.  Under no circumstance is the electrician allowed to provide services for a Customer in any capacity other than as an electrician of the Company.  Please do not ask the electrician to perform work “on the side” or “off the clock” as it places the electrician in an awkward position and may jeopardize his or her employment. Our electricians have been fully educated in the unlimited risk that is created if they perform any work on the side because there is no insurance to protect them in the event of physical damage to the home, or worst case, loss of life. If a Customer requests the electrician perform work “on the side” it will be reported back to the Company, and the Customer will placed on an indefinite do-not-service list.  If an electrician offers to perform work “on the side” please be aware that this individual has no general liability insurance and more importantly has no workers compensation insurance which would place you as the homeowner in a position to have the reciprocating unlimited risk if he is injured or suffers loss of life in your home or on your property. Please call a manager at the Company if the electrician offers to do any such work. This unauthorized situation creates problems for the electrician, the Company and for you and your home.

Payment in full is due upon the completion of the electrical repair. No cash or check payments are accepted. For larger jobs, we will require upfront payment of one-half (1/2) of the estimated repair cost prior to job start. If payment is not received within ten (10) days from completion of work, late fees as well as interest at the rate of one and one-half (1.5%) percent per month will be added to any balance due.  If the Company has to file suit, the Customer agrees to pay the Company’s reasonable attorney’s fees, costs and interest in addition to the amounts owed.  The Customer accepts full responsibility for the prompt payment even though customer may intend to obtain reimbursement from others (landlords/tenants/insurance). In the event of non-payment at the time of service, the Company reserves the right (1) to contact law enforcement and file charges for the non-payment and (2) to remain at the property until a police report is filed.

During COVID-19, payment is form of agreement that the job was approved and completed satisfactory.



If you have scheduled an electrical repair that requires a City Permit to be obtained, the Company will require a deposit of one-half (1/2) of the estimated repair, unless it is an Ally, Synchrony, or Greensky approved account which will be one-fifth (1/5) of the estimated repair. If, after the deposit is made, you decide to cancel the repair, you agree that the Company is owed for any work performed plus twenty percent (20%) of the estimated cost of the job as liquidated damages to compensate the Company for the time, cost, effort, reservation of labor and materials caused by the booking of the appointment and the subsequent cancellation. This is as liquidated damages to compensate the Company for an uncertain loss and not as a penalty.  By scheduling work to be completed at a later date, you specifically authorize the Company to retain the amounts owed from your deposit.  If the deposit is not sufficient to cover the charges and fees, you authorize the Company to collect the amount owed. Any type of wire cuts and permits are non-refundable. Upon cancellation, it is the customer’s responsibility to administratively close out any permits and the Company will not be responsible for, and shall be fully released from doing so.

The Company is committed to customer satisfaction with our delivered services.  With this in mind, the best time to address a potential issue is while we are onsite with our team and truck(s).  This makes sense because we haven’t collected any money and we will not do so if you tell us you are not happy. On every service call you have the opportunity to express a concern before you pay via text or phone call. If there are any issues, you are required to notify the company through the text you received at booking or via telephone while we are onsite. The Company will immediately work diligently while our staff and trucks are onsite to facilitate our client to a satisfied status. The Company is not responsible for any satisfaction guarantee once we are offsite from the initial onsite service call. 

During COVID-19, payment is form of agreement that the job was approved and completed satisfactory.

By inviting the technician into your home, you agree to our full terms and conditions of service.

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