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Awesome Crew - Nina and Ryan!!!
- Pam C
Honesty & Integrity at it's finest!
- Blair Stevens
Fantastic Job
- Paula Moore
Great experience from start to finish
- Lisa Major
These guys rock!
- Aaron C.
Mike Was Great!
- Carolyn Eaglin
Jeremy Was Awesome!
- Allan Kaster
Tommy Was Very Courteous & Helpfull
- Jan Heinricks
Honest and Capable
- Richard Morris
Ben Was Excellent
- Julia Gonzales
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Whether you're adding a new plug or remodeling your home, we will take care of your electrical needs from start to finish.
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Our quality electrical services can be found in Houston’s own Medical Center! Mister Sparky’s Houston electricians provide convenient and affordable electrical repairs to those just west of State Hwy. 288 and just south of the Houston Museum District. Whether you’re a homeowner or a business owner, we’re there for you!

Mister Sparky’s electrical repairs and installations in the Medical Center are backed by a satisfaction guarantee, meaning that we don’t stop working until you’re happy with the repair. And on top of that, if you aren’t happy with your repair for any reason, that repair is on us. We don’t take your trust for granted, so we make it right every time!

Worried about surprises on your repair bill? You don’t have to worry about any of that with Mister Sparky. All of our electricians fully disclose what repairs will be included on your bill, and if there’s an extra charge for an unforeseen repair, we’ll get your approval beforehand– so you don’t have to waste money on something you don’t want! We want you to be in total control of the repair from start to finish.

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Electrical Service Medical Center

Repair Available 24/7

Making an appointment with an electrician during an electrical emergency can be a frustrating process with any other electrical service provider, but not with Mister Sparky! Our electrical technicians are waiting 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to solve your electrical emergency with a quick consultation, or by making a next day appointment with our Medical Center electricians.

On Time Guarantee

You’re time is valuable, just like ours! That’s why we provide all of our customers with an on time guarantee, just to make sure we never waste your time with our tardiness. If a Mister Sparky Medical Center electrician is not on time to your appointment, your repair is absolutely free. That’s how we keep our reputation for excellent customer service.

It’s no mystery that our dedication to customers and quality repairs have made us a leading choice for electrical services in Houston. We keep our customers happy, no matter where they are!

For any electrical repairs or installations call 281-907-8418 to speak with any of our electrical technicians! We can make an appointment for any electrician, scheduled for your convenience!

by Pam C on Blank Product Name
Awesome Crew - Nina and Ryan!!!

I had leg go out so I had lost half the electricity to my house. I called Mister Sparky they came right out, were able to get everything scheduled and by 4:00 p.m. I had electricity!! Nina and Ryan were great!!!

by Aaron on
These guys rock

These guys rock

by Blair Stevens on Blank Product Name
Honesty & Integrity at it's finest!

I called Mr. Sparky for various work to be performed at my home. Ross arrived and viewed work area, gave me all the information needed to make an objective decision to proceed as needed. Ross was very polite, instructive on all applications that my attention was needed for remembrance and most of all very professional with the tasks performed. I could not be more pleased with the outcome of this project and would without any doubt, not hesitate to use Mr. Sparky in the future and refer them to family and friends. "Great Job"!

by Paula Moore on Blank Product Name
Fantastic Job

Mike G did a fantastic job. We are thrilled with the service and the results of the work.

Paula R. Moore

by Lisa Major on Blank Product Name
Great experience from start to finish

As someone who has had many bad experiences with contractors in the past, I am always reluctant to do business with contractors or companies that were not recommended to me by someone that I know. But my experience with Mr. Sparky has made me believe again that it is possible to have a good experience when making home repairs. They were professional, punctual, and did great work!

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