Home Generator Safety Tips

Home Generator Safety Tips A home generator is an essential addition to the home that can make a real difference in the level of functioning in the event of a prolonged power outage. With the purchase of a generator, homeowners gain a sense of security and peace of mind from the knowledge that they can keep their families safe and sound, especially those with very young, elderly, or disabled members. Becoming well versed in home generator safety is a priority … Read More

Which Bulb is Best for Outdoor Lighting: LED or Incandescent?

Which Bulb is Best for Outdoor Lighting: LED or Incandescent? LED lights are perfect candidates for your next outdoor lighting project.Homeowners around the world are always on the lookout for the best products that add value to their properties. This search extends to lighting the home. Buying those large, incandescent bulbs of the past used to be commonplace, but there are alternatives today. When it comes to the best outdoor lighting for the home, a local electrician will always suggest … Read More

Do GFCI Outlets Go Bad?

Do GFCI Outlets Go Bad? Since their introduction into the National Electrical Code (NEC), Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter (GFCI) outlet location requirements have expanded way beyond the initial recommendations, and now include practically every outlet on your property, in and out of the house. These life-saving devices have improved to the point where they are, almost, tamper-proof, but they can still suffer the consequences of age, overuse, and/or incorrect installation. SIMPLE GFCI TROUBLESHOOTING Learn more about GFCI outlets and electrical … Read More

Space Heater Safety Tips

Central heating systems distribute warm air throughout a building, but some rooms may have cold spots or need additional heat. Space heaters can be a great way to augment heat, and they can also be the source of fires, shocks and injury. As winter drags on, many people will take their safety for granted, and they will forget to maintain proper space heater safety precautions. Below are several space heater safety tips to help you stay warm and safe throughout … Read More

Know Your Home Electrical System

Electricity powers almost everything that makes our lives comfortable. Heating and cooling equipment, refrigerators, computers, lights, fans and hybrid cars require electricity to function. Before World War II, 60 amperes at the service panel was adequate to meet home electrical system requirements. Today, households require a minimum of 100 amps. Large homes, or those with electrical heat and other major electrical appliances such as water heaters and clothes dryers, may require 150 to 200 amps of service. The electrical service … Read More

Top 10 Holiday Electrical Hazards

Home electrical safety may not be the most festive topic, but it’s an important consideration before pulling out the holiday decorations. Knowing what holiday electrical hazards are most common during the season, you can prevent unnecessary problems and help to keep your family safe. Here are the top 10 causes of electrical shock, fires, and other issues during the holidays: 1.) Using the wrong type of lights Indoor holiday lights are not always waterproof or safe to use outside. Outdoor lights … Read More

Electrical Inspection for the Holidays

Keep Your Home Safe with an Electrical Inspection The holidays are looming around the corner and that means a lot of time spent in the kitchen and a great time for an electrical inspection. It’s easy to get distracted by the stresses of stuffing the turkey and housing the in-laws and before you know it, you have used twice as much energy than usual in your home. Don’t let those distractions get overshadowed by the importance of inspecting your house’s … Read More

Two Prong Electrical Outlet Safety

Three Prong vs. Two Prong Electrical Outlet We’ve all noticed the obvious difference between a two prong electrical outlet and a three prong electrical outlet.  But many have never stopped to consider why they’re different and what the difference might mean for your home.  The answer is quite a bit. The main difference between a two prong electrical outlet and a three prong electrical outlet is that a three prong outlet has a ground wire, while a two prong outlet … Read More

Electrical Trivia from Mister Sparky

Electricity: is everywhere and nowhere all at once.  How much do you know about the invisible energy that lights up the world?  (answers below) Question #1: Which American company consumes the highest percentage of the world’s energy? General Motors ExxonMobil Google Dow Question #2: Halogen lamps should always be kept away from? Curtains Clothing Combustible materials All of the above Question #3: Which state consumes the most amount of electricity per household? California New York Wyoming Louisiana Question #4: Approximately … Read More

Mister Sparky’s National Fire Safety Month Tips

October means Halloween, football and beautiful foliage. It’s also National Fire Safety Month. On average, fires cause 3000 deaths and 15000 injuries in the US each year. According the CDC, children four and under are particularly susceptible to fire-related injuries and deaths. You can help your children understand the importance of fire safety through drills, talks and safety tips. Here at Mister Spark, we want to remind you of the best ways to keep your home safe so that the … Read More