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Homes older than 20 years have some common old house electrical problems for homes such as:
  • Aluminum wiring or poorly-installed wiring - both aluminum wiring and faulty wiring installation pose a serious danger of igniting an electrical fire
  • Too few outlets - older homes often have fewer outlets than the current demand for them; this can be solved with power strips or installing more outlets
  • Poorly-installed Fuse Boxes - fuse boxes with fuses with a higher amperage than the wires can safely handle can cause insulation on wires to overheat and make them prone to starting house fires
  • Outdated light fixtures - older homes have light fixtures with low wattage capacities; using higher wattage light bulbs than fixtures can support can be a fire hazard
  • No GFCIs, AFCIs, or grounding on Outlets - these safety features that help prevent electrocution or house fires are often not present in older homes, but every home should have them
If you have an older home that is having problems outside of the ones listed above, let us know how we can help!
Posted by Electrician Houston
Asked on October 28, 2013 11:23 am