Can I install a USB outlet on my own?« Back to Questions List

Yes you can, and in fact it is very easy to do. For the most part, installing a USB outlet is mostly the same as replacing any electrical outlet. First, turn off all electrical current before you begin- check this before you tinker with the outlet to prevent shock. Next, unscrew the wall plate of the outlet, and then unscrew the mounting bracket which holds the wiring. For the most part, you'll notice 3 colored wires: red/black is the hot wire, green is the ground wire and white is the neutral. Detach these wires from the old outlet and reattach them to the new outlet accordingly. If your new outlet has an indicator light, be sure that it is NOT lit (this may mean that some wires may have gotten switched). Attach the mounting bracket to the wall, along with the outlet plate and turn back It is now time to test your new outlet. Should the USB outlet not work, you may have either switched wires or may need to flip back off/on your electricity. If the outlet is still not working, you may have picked up a defective outlet. If you're having trouble, or need some help, call a trusted electrician!
Posted by Electrician Houston
Asked on August 12, 2013 10:36 pm